Important Review:

When considering purchasing Certain Bridge's Secured Loan Notes, the following points are important to be considered

United Kingdom Based

Certain Bridge, the Executive team, the professionals, the core business and all secured assets are all in the UK and therefore subject to some of the most rigorous laws, Government oversight, scrutiny and compliance of anywhere in the World.

No Bank Borrowings

Certain Bridge does not have any bank borrowings. It is not envisaged in the future that the Company will have any bank borrowings. Exceptions to this could be any potential advantageous Government Grant schemes or Government soft Loan schemes which may at some future time become available to which the company may qualify for. However, we undertake to our Debenture Loan Note Holders that in such an event we would not allow security to be granted over any of the company’s assets. This means that all our Secured Loan Note Holders will always be the Priority Secured Debt Holders in the Company.

Most other companies which offer Loan Notes and Bonds have bank borrowings. These bank or similar borrowings will generally hold absolute priority over the Loan Note or Bond Holders interests. In the event of any trading / liquidity issues leading to Administration or Liquidation of these Companies the Loan Note or Bond holders will only receive return of their Loaned funds, after the Bank and the Administrators or Liquidators have been paid in full. As Certain Bridge does not, and will not, have any such type of bank borrowings this scenario is not applicable to Certain Bridge.

Not A Start Up

Certain Bridge is NOT a start up in the traditional sense, Certain Bridge are not raising capital by issuing equity as this would not provide any security or fixed interest coupons for the purchaser / holder.

Funds Put To Use Immediately

All funds obtained from the sale of Certain Bridge Loan Notes will be put to work within the shortest possible time following receipt of funds. Because of the nature of Certain Bridge business and unlike other offerings we do not need to raise any minimum critical amounts. Therefore all funds raised will be securely put to work no matter what amount of your Loan Note purchase, subject only to the low minimum as set out. At all times you will have a secured interest in all of Certain Bridges assets by a Lien recorded and registered at UK Companies house, in your name.

Very Simple Business

Certain Bridge is a very pure, simple business. We receive money through our Secured Loan Note Sales and lend out secured funds at a Higher Rate with very strong security to business Bridge Borrowers. Certain Bridge are not selling Secured Loan Notes (raising money) to set up a production line (which may take considerable time to achieve and / or fail), OR use funds raised to finalise a prototype model, OR to pay for a licence, OR to apply for planning permission, OR to new build OR redevelop a property OR to pay advance Royalty fees, OR to pay for a Marketing campaign, OR any other types of onerous financial obligations / distractions where it is so easy to lose your money.

No False Promises

Certain Bridge do not try and entice you with stated or inferred potential associations such as a contract is being negotiated with a Government, or there is an expected company sale or stock market floatation in 2-5 years or any other type of fanciful, unrealistic, false statements, or promises.

Realistic Returns Throughout

Certain Bridge are not enticing you with suggestions that your Loan Notes will increase tens or hundreds of times over in the next 2 to 5 years as is the case with many share offerings or offerings of unsecured Loan Notes with seemingly attractive attaching conversion rights. Certain Bridge offer excellent secure returns which; have been well stress tested and which are comfortably achievable as a function of Certain Bridge core business activities.


Certain Bridge business is transparent and is without any undisclosed events. The business is simple secure and efficient and "does what it says on the tin".

No Large Payroll or Expenses

Certain Bridge has no large payroll. All involved with Certain Bridge will be rewarded in the future after continuing to grow and accumulate capital.

Decades of Collective Relationship

Certain Bridge's Executive Team have a collective 75 years history of a professional corporate / business working relationship with Solicitors at Glaisyers ( Certain Bridge's Executive team also have over 100 collective years of working in the property, finance, and business sectors.

Opportunity to Engage with Certain Bridge Legal Advisors

Certain Bridge and the Executive Team are prepared, if so required for comfort purposes, to facilitate, either a face to face meeting with Certain Bridge s Solicitors ( in their offices in Manchester for potential Loan Note purchasers whom may wish to enquire of the Executive Team abilities and integrity OR arrange for potential Loan Note purchasers own Solicitors to write directly to Glaisyers to similarly enquire of the Executive Team abilities and integrity.