Business Bridge Lending

We are a provider of specialised secured bridging finance for business purposes in the UK.

Our market advantage is speed from initial client contact to pay-out of funds, average time 1-3 days.

Our Business Operation Video

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Our Business

We are a company who specialise in providing urgent short term secured bridging solutions specifically for business purposes. We are the lenders not a broker, we offer an immediate and personal committed service to business borrowers. We are set up to not only provide rapid decisions but also to provide speedy delivery of the required funds. Interest rates and repayment terms are competitive for the facilities and service. All bridging Loans are secured to a strict criteria and are available for periods between three and twelve months.

More Detailed

There exists in the UK an area of specialised secured Bridging Finance which over short periods of time provides above average returns on funds deployed*; the secured business Bridging Finance market.

The Directors believe, that there are a just a small number of bridging companies that operate in this specialised niche market. They lend secured funds for short periods of time at varying APR’s. All Certain Bridge bridging funds are only provided for business purposes and are secured against either residential property, or commercial property, or land. Strict lending guidelines and ratios are implemented and loans are only made with very conservative Loan to Value (LTV) ratios of the secured property(s). In the vast majority of cases the LTV is 50 - 65% but could, in certain measured circumstances be higher. The normal Funding period is for 6 months, however in special cases it can be a maximum of 12 months.

Certain Bridge's ultimate market advantage is its speed from initial client contact to the payout of funds. Bridging lenders typically take a minimum of 2 - 4 weeks, Certain Bridge completes in 1 - 3 days.

The Certain Bridge opportunity is in a vastly under-served, and extremely lucrative market place. All loans made by Certain Bridge will be secured by way of either [a] A first legal charge, or [b] With extra additional security ratio, second legal charge(s). All loans will immediately be registered with, and recorded at HM Land Registry.

* Based upon Borrowing Cost Analysis of Bridging Loans on