Your income, goals and peace of mind, can be achieved from our selection of Loan Notes

• Asset Backed security

• Rates Fixed throughout Note Term

• Minimum Purchase £15,000*

• Interest Payments every 6 months

• Protection of your funds is our

fundamental ethos

*From time to time a lower minimum may be available.

£50,000 minimum for Platinum Plus Note

The Opportunity

Certain Bridge is issuing a number of secured Notes.

Funds resulting from the sale of all of Certain Bridge's Secured Notes will be placed in a pool of funds, and deployed swiftly by Certain Bridge to start earning interest by lending funds fully secured against U.K. property specifically for short term Business Bridge lending to U.K. borrowers.

Notes Available

Other Notes May Be Available From Time to Time


2 ½ years

Our shortest term Note, delivering to you a return over a short 30 months of



3 years

Our short term Note, delivering to you a return over just 36 months of



4 years

Includes Terminal Bonus: Our high returning Note, delivering to you a return over just 48 months of



4 years

Includes Terminal Bonus: Our higher returning Note, delivering to you an excellent return over just 48 months of


Platinum Plus

4 years

Includes Terminal Bonus: Our maximum returning Note, delivering to you an incredible return over just 48 months of


Secured Note Purchaser’s Video

Watch here to see how our Secured Gold Notes operate

Certain Bridge Secured Note Advantages

A Simple and Secure Way

Choose Certain Bridge for the purchase of your secured Note and we do the rest. We have an efficient and quick process in place to intensively screen Bridge borrowers, and undertake due diligence, obtain all real property security, ensure full registration interest of security at HMLR and ensure repayment of the Bridge Mortgage Security.

Focused Returns

Whilst Certain Bridge believe in assisting their bridge borrowers, the company is entirely driven to guarantee the return for its Loan Note Purchasers.

A Diversified Opportunity

Certain Bridge's Secured Notes are unrelated to stock market performance, or to the ups and downs of building and Construction in the Property markets.

No Hidden Fees or Charges

We do not charge Secured Note Purchasers any fees. Our income is derived from very generous profits generated from our secured bridging activities.

Business Expertise

Each member of the Certain Bridge Team has decades of expertise in business, property, and finance. This means that all of the necessary steps, "safety checks and balances" in the bridge lending analysis process are carried out with great scrutiny on Certain Bridge's Bridge Borrowers and, the subject Property Security. The Real Property Security is vigorously assessed and upon completion of this due diligence process Certain bridges Mortgage Security is registered at HMLR over the Subject Real Property Security.

Care to Note Purchasers

We value our Note Purchasers and understand that their time and continued peace of mind is precious. That’s why we will go the extra mile to answer your queries.

Certain Bridge Secured Note Disadvantages

Not Liquid

If you purchase a Note in Certain Bridge, there is not an easily accessible market to liquidate your Secured Note in the first three years.


The Notes are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Substantial Recession

Certain Bridge could suffer, as would many businesses, in the event of a significant recession.


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