Risk Factors Explained

Prior to making any purchase decision, it is important to read in detail the risks described below. These risks should be considered carefully by prospective purchasers of Secured Loan Notes. Prospective purchasers should consider carefully whether a purchase of Secured Loan Notes is suitable for them in light of their personal circumstances, tax position and the financial resources available to them.

We would recommend all prospective Secured Loan Note purchasers seek advice from an Accountant, Independent Financial Advisor authorised under FSMA or other similar Professional so authorised before making a decision.

The Company's business and operations could be materially and adversely affected by the occurrence of any of the risks described below.

Policy Change

Adverse change in government policy regarding Business Bridging Finance. If there is an adverse and drastic change it may affect the future returns the Company will receive.

Hidden Defects

Whilst the Directors will take robust steps to obtain realistic conservative valuations of the properties securing Bridging Loans there may be hidden factors which despite best professional practice may later have a negative effect on the secured properties sale price in the event of a repossession.

Dependence on key executives and personnel

The Company's success is dependent on the continued service and performance of its Directors and Executive Team. The loss of key Team Members could damage the company's business.

Strategic Relationships

The Company have established relationships with a number of FCA Authorised Finance Brokers. Any interruption to these established relationships would require the Company to establish new relationships and the time necessary to rollout new relationships could cause a temporary slowdown of writing new Business Bridging Loans.

General Risks

As with any business, there are general risks associated, such as

• Major Global economic meltdown.

• Force Majeure.

Please Note

Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Loan Note purchasers will not be able to claim under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme established by the Financial Conduct Authority in the event the Company fails.

Liquidity of Loan Notes

Loan Notes can only be transferred to a third party, if approved by the Company. For approval to take place, an application needs to be made to Certain Bridge wherein full Checks including Anti Money Laundering investigation, will be undertaken on the Transferee, as if this was a new Application for Loan Notes. The Loan Notes are not listed on any Stock Exchange.

Forward Looking Statements

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